Special Services

Are you organizing a destination wedding? Perhaps you are planning to reward your business group with tickets to a concert or a trip to a sporting event. Planning any travel that involves a group of people can get complicated but Upperclass Travel experts can make it easy. Here is why you should call Upperclass when you need special services:

Experience in Special Services Planning

Whether you have a wedding with a group of ten or a hundred, Upperclass agents can help you make sure that everyone gets to and from your special day safely and at the best possible price. We are the leading ticket agency for special services and our travel experts know how to make sure you have the best transportation, hotel, and tickets for everyone in your group.

Help in Special Event Organization

Maybe you have never been responsible for planning special events before, but don’t panic, because Upperclass agents are Certified Travel Counselors with training to handle any situation. Moreover, we have been in business for over 40 years, so we know how to handle any sort of planning as well as having experience in dealing with emergencies and plans that change.

Special Services You Can Trust

Don’t try to make all of the arrangements yourself. Just give us a call and let us work with you. It will save you time, money and anxiety. Let us take care of the travel to your event, the tickets and the hotel. Your job is the fun!